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Duncan Butt Juvonen, Bad Hair (Pelee/Pompei/Poodles/Mutts), ink on canvas, collage, acrylic wall painting, 73 x 73 cm, 2017

Bad Hair

Bad Hair mixes graphic diamond shapes, an erupting volcano, a comic strip, a postcard, performing poodles, dressage and a magazine cover and features a conversation between two walls.

The show features a work titled Bad Hair (Pelee/Pompei/Poodles/Mutts), a painting of the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902. This brutal earthquake killed 30 000 people in under a minute, engulfing the city of Saint-Pierre in a 1075 °C cloud of steam and gas. It appears here at a safe distance, frozen as a fungal broccoli head squatting over the previously "bald mountain" (in French Mount Pelee, Montagne Pelée,means "bald mountain"). It is painted in a poisoned green monotone offset by a pink diamond shadow, like a golfing sock.

The double cloud squatting over Mt. Pelee is then echoed in an image of a circus performer´s plumed hat and her cloud-like trained poodles, a comic strip with a dog huffing out clouds of condensation and a postcard of a faun frolicking in the remains of Pompeii. The work mixes beauty and death and humour in a series of mental hiccups.

Duncan is a British artist who has been living and working in Finland for around 15 years. Duncan´s graduated with a distinction from the master´s programme of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2009, having studied his bachelor´s degree in the UK. He has exhibited internationally in 11 countries, exhibiting in various galleries and national museums, and has been awarded numerous awards and grants.

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