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Maria Wolfram, September 2023

The exhibitions of Galleria Aarni are selected through an open call, once a year.
The Open Call for exhibitions for the exhibition year 2026 will be 1.–22.10.2024.

How to apply

Send your applications as one pdf-file. Maximum file size is 8MB. Name the file after your own name. Send your application via email to Please title the email as follows: ”Open call for exhibitions 2026 _artist name_”

A free-form pdf-application must contain the following information:
1. A concise, written plan for your exhibition, max one page.
2. Five to ten photos of your works with appropriate information. If the work is a video/performance piece, please include a link to your video (eg. Vimeo, YouTube etc.), and a password when necessary.
3. CV of the artist or artist group
4. Your wishes regarding the use of exhibition space: either half of the gallery or the entire space.
5. Your wishes regarding timing: when would you like to have your exhibition?

Example 1: You are applying for half of the gallery space. In this case the exhibition committee will choose another artist who will have her/his solo exhibition alongside yours. The committee will decide on the allotment of space (back or front of the gallery).

Example 2: You are applying as an artist group. In this case the group application will be handled by one contact person who submits the pdf-application, as detailed above, on behalf of the group. All communication between the gallery and the group will be handled via your chosen contact person for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Our new gallery space offers a wide range of possibilities. We wish for a diverse group of applications. If you have ideas for additional events to accompany your exhibition, please let us know.

Service fees

Service fees for exhibitions in 2024 are as follows:
Whole gallery space 2000 €
1/2 gallery space 1000 €

The service fee includes the premises and their upkeep, marketing and press releases, supervision of the exhibition and selling of artworks, customer service and tours. The gallery retains a commission of 30% on all sold works. We are working towards lowering our fees.

The area of the gallery space is 155 square meters with approximately 51 meters of gallery wall. It can be divided into two or three sections with movable walls. Indirect natural light shines into the space beautifully. The walls are white and the floor is grey tile. The height of the room is approximately 5 meters and all the exhibition walls are 3 meters high. The gallery is lit with spotlights. Full darkening of the room can be challenging.

Floor plan

Gallery 155m2
-Both movable and permanent walls are 3000mm high
-There are windows on the west wall
-The wall next to the entrance is made of glass
-There are two pillars in front of the windows
-There are movable walls for partitioning the gallery space

Gallery floor plan.


Galleria Aarni has customer-friendly opening hours:  Tuesday–Friday 11–19 and Saturday–Sunday 12–16.

For more information, please contact:
or you can call us on +358 50 3228855.

You’re always welcome to visit us!

ryhmänäyttely, 2023, koko galleriatila

Group exhibition Heikki Portaankorva and William Dennisuk, March 2023


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Two solo exhibitions, Jyrki Setälä and Anne Ovaska, May 2023