Elisa Marin

5.10.2022 - 30.10.2022

Red and Gold

Welcome to the opening tue. 4.10. 17-19

In my recent work I have been inspired by emotional presence and reality that is
created by vivid colors. My paintings are mix between textured abstract impasto
and figurative drawing with charcoal. In painting I am fascinated by the way
dreamlike landscapes emerge from abstract and expressive forms of color.
I usually paint with palette knives, self made tools, squeegees, scrapers and large
brushes and use different texture additives to change properties of the paint

The artist has created the works with the support of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland

I am a visual artist originally from Joensuu and currently live in Lahti. I graduated
from Lahti University on Applied sciences in 2016, and since then I have worked in
artist community in Lahti called Painthouse collective.
I have had multiple solo exhibitions and taken part in many group exhibitions in
Finland and abroad. My works are part of collections and can also be seen in

I mainly work with oil colors. In my painting process I am especially interested in
experimenting and developing technical knowledge about the physical properties
of materials.

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