Jaakko Autio & Nomad Vocals

3.11.2022 - 27.11.2022

The Intimacy, sound installation

Welcome to the opening on November 3rd, at 17-19!

The Intimacy is a sound installation which explores the human longing for intimacy and connection. A person longs to merge into a larger whole, such as nature, community or ideology.

The installation allows the visitor to get in the middle of the Nomad Vocals choir’s rehearsals and become part of the event. It consists of 18 speakers. The visitor can listen to each individual individually or to the choir as a whole. You can relax next to artwork.

The artist has created the works with the support of the Taike, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and AVEK, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.

Jaakko Autio is a Helsinki based sound artist and sound designer. Autio is originally from Ylivieska, but he also spent several years (ages 4-11yrs) in Senegal. The time spent in Senegal has left its mark and is present in Autio’s way of perceiving reality and creating art. In his works, Autio examines interpersonal space, a person’s relationship with another and aesthetic experience (katharsis).

Autio has worked as a sound designer in several city theaters as well as in the free field of art in collaboration with, for example, dance theaters. He has studied sound design at Metropolia and the Theater Academy (University of the Arts) in Helsinki.

Picture above by Jukka Herttua

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