Jaana Lönnroos

31.1.2024 - 25.2.2024

You Are Here. Olet tässä.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 30.1. from 5 to 7 p.m.

In the works of visual artist Jaana Lönnroos, photography, painting, drawing, embroidery, and collage engage in a dialogue across different times and places. The past and the present, the back and the front, are enigmatically constructed by superimposing upon each other. The cracked plasters, old paintings, and frescoes described by Lönnroos provide a documentary platform upon which the work itself is just beginning to take shape. Through the incorporation of new image elements created through cutting, painting, drawing, and embroidery, this platform seems to emerge into the foreground, transcending from the distant past to the present moment.

From the petrified form of the amphora, a map of the big city breaks out, and a river cutting throug the pot continues to flow outside the petrified form. We find ourselves at the crossroads of reshaping and reordering elements, where the past suddenly appears differently, and the future can only be glimpsed.

The works showcased in the exhibition were primarily created in Italy, where Jaana Lönnroos has spent the last few years tracing her own history and memories of her youth. “Olet tässä  – You are here ” subtly provides guideposts for those of us traveling through the layers of time. The indicated location is not built as a linear departure and arrival, but primarily as a cyclical movement that encompasses all times.

Hannimari Heino, poet, translator