Leevi Kivisaari

30.9.2020 - 25.10.2020

Empty rooms
“My newest paintings are interior paintings without human beings. I usually start a painting from a completely empty room or a window view. Step by step I add some objects or change the lighting in the space. At the same time I try to keep the picture as empty and as simple as possible.  
I think that a deserted, a kind of “naked room” is psychologically thrilling and it might raise great emotions. Should I add some more information or objects to make the painting complete? Maybe not. I believe that adding too many things to one painting might destroy the magic.

I work with my color palette in the same way. Less is more.”
– Leevi Kivisaari
September 19, 2020

Leevi Kivisaari, “Easter Sunday” oil on canvas, 73×65 cm, 2020