Päivi Kukkasniemi

4.1.2022 - 30.1.2022

Good Morning, World!

Painting above: Päivi Kukkasniemi, Good Morning World, 100 x 170 cm, acrylic painting, 2021

I have wanted to catch  fleeting moments of happiness from my everyday life to my paintings. Happiness is the sunlight that enters to the studio from the window. Happiness is gratitude. Happiness is confidence to the future. Happiness is to treat yourself well. Happiness is forgiveness for yourself. Happiness is a forest that calms your mind. Happiness is now. Happiness is in everyday life. Happiness is almost too ordinary for the gallery, but it is still too far for many people.

The language of my paintings is colors and the spontaneous brush strokes. I have given emotions, temptations, body and coincidences to guide me when I’m painting.  I also wash away a lot of colors, and the end result is thinly and quicly painted works. Sometimes water puddles also may  paint. It is important to be present in the moment. Painting itself also creates a feeling of happiness.

Päivi Kukkasniemi is a member of Helsinki Artist Accosiation and Finnish Painters Union. She has painted several solo exhibitions, participated in many group exhibitions in Finland and abroud. Currently, a few of her paintings are  also at Bela Biennial in Brazil. Kukkasniemi’s paintings are in several private collections.

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Päivi Kukkasniemi, Connection, 80 x 120 cm, acrylic painting, 2021

Päivi Kukkasniemi, Fall Break, 80 x 120 cm, acrylic painting, 2021

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