Petra Kallio

27.9.2023 - 22.10.2023

Landiđ Gá / Land of Gá — Bones of the Sea

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Tue 26.9. from 5 to 7 p.m.

The bones of the sea and the grains of the Earth…

I am presenting my art project Land of Gá / Bones of the Sea that I worked on in Iceland, Italy and Finland during 2021–2023.

Gá’s land is a time and place between what is and what is not, a moment on the edges of this time and age… when light and darkness change from falling water to rising water. Gá is a seal-shaped messenger, an oracle showing directions from the kingdom of seaweed with light whispers of the wave and wordlessly guiding in sleep .

Land of Gá is an ensemble started in the Westfjords of Iceland, thanks to grants from the Kordelin Foundation, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, whose works reflect my mental landscape with the lights and colors of Iceland’s nature and depict the Iceland that I want the viewers to reach.

The whole includes engraving prints installed in the two parts Bones of the Sea 2023 and Grains of the Earth 2025. In my engravings at the edge of the world, lights, shapes and landscapes mix with the boundlessness of the void, the change of scale and the great expanse that is divided by a line; drawn by a whale in the water or rising from the bubbles of black sand.

Consisting of large-scale engraving graphic installations, Ga’s land… the kingdom of the seal-shaped guide appears in the exhibition space as a fairy-tale spatial visual entity touching the interface of dream and reality, where the viewer walks as part of the landscape of the land of low tide.

With my pictures, I explore edges, measurement and human size between Heaven and earth. The movement of a large animal in the waves and the silence under the infinite sky… how little and how small can you describe these?

My exhibition will be on display at Galleria Aarni in Espoo in September 2023 and part of it in Gallery G’s monthly artist presentation at the same time.

The artist has created the works with the support of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Fund, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland & Turku Art Society.

Petra Kallion työskentelyä ja näyttelyä ovat tukeneet Taike-Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Alfred Kordelinin säätiö, Svenska Kulturfonden ja Turun Taideyhdistys.

Artwork above: Petra Kallio, Land of Gá, wood engraving and letterpress printing on vintage Magnani paper, 2023

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kuva taiteilijakirjan kansilehdestä
Petra Kallio, Land of Gá, artists’ book (detail), 2023
Yksityiskohta installaatiosta
Petra Kallio, Frelsi, (detail of an installation), wood engraving on japanese paper, 2023
yksityiskohtakuva installaatiosta
Petra Kallio, Gá Sin! Take care! (detail of an installation), 2023