Saga Suonio

4.8.2021 - 29.8.2021

Alone but not lonely

— monotypes —

Opening 3.8. 17-19. Welcome!

Painting-like graphic art inspired by the sea and its infinity. By being alone in solitude.

I enjoy being alone. Over the years, I have come to accept how important being alone is to me. Being sensitive, I observe the life around me with all the nuances. This has brought me a lot of spiritual wealth but also deepened my work as an artist.

Nature, especially the sea, is a resource of strength, happiness and comfort. I have spent most of my life by the sea. The sensitivity and power of the sea that disappears to the horizon captivates me every time. The art pieces in this exhibition continue my expedition by the sea.

Saga Suonio is an artist from Helsinki and studied painting in multiple art schools. But she deepened her knowledge of graphic printmaking techniques in separate courses that opened up finding her way of expression – monotype technique.

She has had multiple private and group art exhibitions since 1999. Saga Suonio is a member of The Association of Finnish Printmakers, Helsinki Artists’ Association and Espoo Visual Artists. Her art pieces have been purchased by, for example, the State Art Commission.

Saga Suonio CV

The Arts Promotion Centre has supported the artist’s work.

Photo: Saga Suonio, Sea and me I, 76 x 103 cm, monotype, carborundum, 2021.