Susanna Autio

4.8.2021 - 29.8.2021

Impenetrable fort

Opening 3.8. 17-19. Welcome!

Impenetrable fort -exhibition deal with shelter, protection and revealing. It has collection of ceramic  hedge, emotional lumps made of recycled leather and my fragmented ideas painted on canvas.I am looking for a form for things that are perceived as difficult and painful. Shame sets limits, fear needs protection, humiliation needs hiding, and grief overwhelmed. It’s hard to talk about feelings and it’s easiest for me to deal with them through my works.

Susanna Autio is a visual artist who works with sculpture, installations, printmaking and ceramics. She uses a diverse range of materials. For each work she uses specific techniques, medium and materials which determines the final result. Combining different materials, she is able to create a new form, distorted version of our reality. She graduated with an Master of Fine Arts  from the Academy of the Arts of University of the Arts, Helsinki in 2020 and has worked as a visual artist since 2000. Her new works can be seen at HAA-gallery, Suomenlinna on November 2021.

Susanna Autio CV

Photo: Susanna Autio, Suorastaan pidätin henkeä,180 x 230 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021.