Teija Immonen, Taina Kokkonen

28.2.2024 - 24.3.2024

Yläilmoista pinnalle – From the Upper Air to the Surface

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Tuesday 27th February from 5 pm to 7 pm!

Teija Immonen and Taina Kokkonen have held several joint exhibitions in recent years. Although their pictorial languages differ from each other, the works are both constructed in a collage-like manner; Immonen composes her works from many different image sources, and Kokkonen, on the other hand, creates layers for the works from several thin layers of paper.

The works of Immonen and Kokkonen are powerful, bold and colorful. A unifying factor is also the use of relief print methods, which create a unique strong overall look.

In Teija Immonen works, she uses the world of popular imagery, combining it with personal experiences, references to art history, nature photography, still life art and pictures from her home album. Combining the sublime and the kitsch in this way, she aims to reach a universal flow of images that touch many with their familiar elements.

Taina Kokkonen plays with ornamental forms in her works. The central harmony of colors and shapes is the content of the works. The subjects for the works can be found in nature, its various forms and the cycle of nature. Kokkonen uses repeated shapes as an effective way to create a sense of movement in her works. The creation process of the work may also be influenced by a memory, image or, for example, current news.

Taina Kokkonen

Taina Kokkonen has been working with the collage technique for the last few years. Her collage works are one of a kind pieces (edition 1/1), even though they are made by using printmaking methods. Kokkonen prints various shapes using relief prints. She attaches the strips of paper partly on top of each other and interlaced, creating a new whole from them. The jaggedness of the paper and the paper wrinkles visible on it are visible in the final result. They bring liveliness, but also surprise to the surface structure, when the shapes in the background are partially visible from below the shapes above.

Kokkonen Taina, Game Over 1, relief print, collage, 2023, 55 x 79 cm
Kokkonen Taina, Layers, relief print, collage, 2023, 70 x 98 cm
Kokkonen Taina, Walk the Line, relief print, collage, 2024, 64 x 47 cm

Teija Immonen

The great dream of the 18-year-old artist′s beginning came true when the gates to the Academy of Fine Arts opened in 1986. The content of life was art in all its forms, and in her free time a wide circle of friends in music and vintage hobbies. The years have passed, but the foundation has remained the same. With an artist, private and professional are easily combined, and I have drawn from that “harmony” for decades. A lot of exhibitions, teaching work and the development of printmaking methods fit into the years.

Immonen Teija, Along the Roadside, monotype, 2023, 50 x 75 cm
Immonen Teija, Tiger Energy, watercolour, 2024, 76 x 56 cm
Immonen Teija, Octopus, intaglio, 2024, 48 x 28 cm

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