Tiina Osara

27.4.2022 - 22.5.2022

Ode to movement

A warm welcome to the opening on Tuesday April 26st from 5-7pm.

Gallery Aarni is closed on Sunday, May 8th.

Tiina Osara´s new paintings built themselves with the force of movement. For Osara painting is a physical process that allows a connection to deep awareness of the body and its collective past. A profound layer of the body’s memory is resonance of movement, where inner experiences and emotions open up by the use of color and form through movement of painting.

Painting is a process where chaos and harmony meet. It is the movement of the body/soul where the canvas is a space of exploration and discovery. The big scale of the paintings channels freedom, the colors strike with force, harmony and emptiness in the paintings bring stillness. The paintings are surfaces of abstractions that pursue the unexplained where she can pose questions she is not able to yet form. It is discovery of the visible and invisible and a way to connect to nature and all things living. 

Tiina Osara has a passionate relation to the colours, as material as well as a desire to physically dive into them. For her the canvas acts/becomes a skin that feels and reacts. Her painting tools are the whole body and its trajectories. Her paintings take shape through a dialogue with the body as well as a burning desire to find something new. Driven by inner and outer forces (internal and external) the trace of the painting’s movement becomes evidence of existence.

Ballet lessons and meditation are big parts of her work as well as classical music. The exhibition’s works were made listening to Stravinsky´s The rite of the Spring, Arvo Part´s compositions and Ω (OM) mantra sung by Tibetan monks.

Ode to Movement’s works are made in anticipation of spring-summer, growth, increasing light, power, positivity and tenderness.


Tiina Osara is a Finnish Visual Artist and Actionpainter. She is known both for her large-scale abstract, colourful and multilayered paintings, and photo- and videoinstallations. Specialising in performing live in classical concerts, Osara transfers her musical impressions in real time to the canvas, in front of the audience.

Classical music is currently her main subject when painting. Having a degree in Physiotherapy helped Osara to understand both the meaning of motion and the kinestetic sense as tools of expression. This also led to the large scale of her paintings, which liberates her work towards more holistic and physical expression.

Osara studied Fine Arts in Art School Maa participating in their Professional program from 1993 to 1996, graduated as Bachelor of Visual Arts from her studies between 2006 to 2008, and specialised in Photography Art from 2009 to 2010 in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Osara has held both private exhibitions, and participated in group exhibitions, both in Finland and around Europe, since 1996.

Since 2010 she has been focusing on action-painting which has led her to perform all around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic meant her working process moved back to more traditional ways.

Tiina Osara has lived and worked in France since 2013.

Picture above: Tiina Osara, Vastaliike, 200X185cm, acrylic on canvas, 2022

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Action Painting Tiina Osara
Arvo Pärt, Symphony n°4
Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Örebrö 2019
Conductor Patrick Gallois