Tuuli Autio

25.5.2022 - 19.6.2022

With Wood
A warm welcome to the opening on Tuesday May 24 st at 5-7pm.

Visual artist Tuuli Autio creates art in dialogue with wood. She carves and paints abstract wooden reliefs. Both carving and painting are based on respectful interactions with wood, the versatility of this natural material. The artist is fascinated by the idea that the unique character of the wood and the self-expression of the artist play a parallel role in the artwork. The artworks in this exhibition are from 2021-2022.

Tuuli Autio (born 1974) lives and works in Humppila, Finland. She has a long experience in working with wood in many ways. The forest, trees, and wood are essential parts of her lifestyle – and art as well. She feels at home in the forest. She has held several solo exhibitions in Finland and participated in group exhibitions outside Finland. Her works are represented in The Finnish National Gallery, HUS Arts Collection and in many private collections. Tuuli Autio was awarded the title of Young Designer of the Year 2002 in Finland.

Photo above: Tuuli Autio, Kuusen kanssa I (detail), spruce and tempera, 82 x 62 x 3 cm, 2022

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Tuuli Autio, Kuusen kanssa III, spruce and tempera, 60 x 43 x 3 cm, 2022
detail, wooden carving, strokes, close-up picture, orange shades of wood
Tuuli Autio, Kuusen kanssa II (detail), spruce and tempera, 60 x 43 x 3 cm, 2022