Taiteiden havinaa: artists and authors born in 1920’s and 30’s


Are there similarities between artists born in the same decade? Is there a common generational experience to be found?

These and many other questions will be answered when Espoon kuvataiteilijat – Esbo bildkonstnärer ry and Espoon kirjailijat – Esbo författare ry, both celebrating their 50th year in operation, combine their efforts to present the “Taiteiden havinaa” joint exhibition in Galleria Aarni. The exhibition is a part of “Taidemaalariliiton Juhlanäyttelyt” series of art related events. Every Saturday during October 2019 a selected group of artists and authors are invited to these events to discuss their perspectives and find common ground. Now is a great opportunity to experience a wide range of high quality art and enjoy the presence of the artists.

This series of events gets a noble start on Saturday 5.10. when artists and authors born in the 1920’s and 30’s make their entrance. Our guests will be artists Lars-Henrik Gahmberg and Marjaana Savander, also author Marketta Palomäki. They will exhibit their work during the day.

The event starts at 14:00/2pm and it is mostly in Finnish.

Artwork: Eveliina Hämäläinen, One More Moonrise, ink on paper, 18x26cm, 2019