The Creative Climate Change workshop

3.7.2021 - 11.7.2021

Come and think about the future!

Open workshops
Sat-Sun, 3. – 4.7.2021 ja 10. – 11.7.2021 at 13.00-15.00.

The Creative Climate Change workshop deals with the future by drawing and brainstorming maps of the civilization of the future. What could Espoo look like in 2021? Human action has endangered other species and the natural ecosystem. The use of fossil fuels, which began in the era of industrialization, has expanded the ability to shape the land, build and produce commodities, move from place to place, and develop an increasingly technological society. When nature disappears, what does society focus on?

The Climate Change installation and future maps of Espoo and elsewhere lead us to think about cultural change, which is due to environmental change and the loss of biodiversity. The climate is changing – how will it be 100 years from now and how will the contours of the continents look 100 years from now? Can mankind use and populate different corners of the earth in the former model?

Globally, seas and water bodies are changing as extreme weather events intensify. Floods, droughts and storms are setting new limits on man-made infrastructure. The loss of biodiversity can pose threats and risks that we are not yet able to identify. What will the disappearance of species and entire ecosystems mean? In food production, in some areas, change increases the growing season as well as opportunities and in some areas decreases.

In the workshop, I encourage participants to address environmental issues from a system  change society perspective and how we make our culture and life environmentally sustainable.

The change can be handled with different maps: a map of Espoo, the Helsinki metropolitan area or a larger area map. By adjusting the lights in a climate change installation, one can imagine the power of future change. The change in the culture of our own neighborhood and community is key for building a sustainable life. Imagining the future of Espoo may tell us about the change trends we are ready for. The workshop is suitable for all ages and families.

The workshop will comply with all corona safety measures during that time. Masks, disinfectants and gloves are available. Tools are cleaned as needed.