We welcome as members professional visual artists living in Espoo. To apply for membership, there are two categories:

Group A) Artists who are members in associations under The Artists’ Association of Finland (Association of Finnish Sculptors, Association of Finnish Printmakers, Finnish Painters’ Union, Association of Photographic Artists, MUU Artists’ Association).

The applications are processed in monthly board meetings. Fill in the application here and send it us via email: toimisto (at) or mail: Espoon kuvataiteilijat ry, Kauppakeskus Sello, Leppävaarankatu 3-9, 02600 Espoo.

Group B) Open call for artists who are not members of the associations mentioned above.

Call is open annually until January, 15. Assessment of the applications is based on artistic quality. Examples of works and CV are to be attached in the application.

Fill in the Group B application form online

Required attachments for open applications: 

7-10 photos of recent works (three years old at most). For samples of video art, the maximum lenght is 10 minutes. Material can be sent on a memory device, via email (toimisto(at) or via eg. Wetransfer. Accepted forms are tiff, jpg and pdf, file sizes 1-2mb.

List of works
The list should include name of the artist and works in numbered order. Names of the works, year of completion, technique used and size should also be mentioned.

Curriculum vitae
Art education and past exhibitions. Other merits such as competitions, grants, public works and works included in notable collections. Other art related activities such as memberships in arts groups or organizations, work as an expert or a teacher and work related to art publishing are seen meritorial.  

Form and procedure
Attachments can be delivered as digital files (memory devices, Wetransfer etc.) or on paper. The application form is filled online.

Open application ends annually on 15.1. After that the applications will be processed in two steps: first with the board and then the board-approved applications are taken to a general meeting in March for final approval. 

The attachments must be sent via email or wetransfer (toimisto(at) or mail (Galleria Aarni / Kauppakeskus Sello, Leppävaarankatu 3-9, 02600 Espoo). They can also be delivered in person to our gallery during opening hours. 

After processing, every applicant will be informed of the results and their mailed materials will be returned by mail if a return envelope with required stamps is included. If the applicant wishes to retrieve these materials from our gallery, a date for this will be given; otherwise the materials will be held for a month after processing.  

Please note that any material outside these requirements should not be included in the application. Only applications in correct form will be processed. 

For more information and detailed instructions, contact Secretary Vera Koura, vera (at)