Ilona Kivijärvi

29.9.2021 - 24.10.2021

Fading Away Like Flowers

Welcome to the vernissage on 28.9. at 17-19.

Visual- and performance artist Ilona Kivijärvi lives and works as an artist in Oulu. She was born in Rovaniemi and studied in Tornio, Inkeroinen and Oulu.

How I became me. – “Artistry is more than a job or a profession. It is my spiritual home,” Kivijärvi explains.

Kivijärvi combines different techniques in her art. She develops her own methods and has an open-minded attitude to find solutions “On the terms of the work, as far as possible”. The lockers in the study rooms are full of everything possible. As an immaterial idea begins to take shape and the process begins, it is not complitely immediately clear what its material or other essence will be.

“It matters if you know your job so well that its impact on your own life has brightened. This is how I feel and that is my belief. Thinking about it helps when there is a headwind. “

The art of Kivijärvi is characterised by surprise. The artist wants to deal with issues interesting and important for her and shape the observations into a different visual form.

“We are beings differentiated from the same initial energy. It’s all about the presence of energy, its flow, movement and light. As the flow of life subsides, the colors fade, the inner colours intensify when you follow the natural processes in your body.  We are fading like flowers, and merge back into the energy from which we were born. That’s what I think. We live in the body of the planet for a little while. Then we change the dwelling.”

Life is amazing in all its contradictions. We are now more or less prisoners of a pandemic. ‘What happens to the land happens to the child of the land’ is the response of the  Chief Seattle to the great white chief in 1854.”

Now we are living on that, don’t we…

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Artwork: Ilona Kivijärvi “Wu” 2021, yksityiskohta teoksesta. Photo: Timo Remes

Ilona Kivijärvi “Wu”, mixed media, 42×42 cm, 2021, Photo: Timo Remes
Ilona Kivijärvi “We fade away like flowers ”, mixed media, process picture. Photo: Timo Remes