Jussi Pirttioja – Arto Kettunen – Pauliina Heiskanen

8.2.2023 - 5.3.2023

Paintings and photographs
Opening ceremony 7.2. from 5 to 7 p.m. Welcome!


– What is a person as a node in a network of interactions framed by linear time? What demands are made on it as an organism, body, subject and object of action by biology, psychology on the one hand, and the abstract dimension of community organization on the other? I pondered these questions through the characters, spaces and situations created from my imagination. The works have been influenced by Goya’s black paintings. Instead of a narrative explanation, what is important to me is that the paintings feel like living and independent entities.

– The works in the exhibition mainly consist of landscapes and still lifes. I usually get the subjects for my paintings from everyday life. Still life paintings are painted from observation, usually during one sitting. The larger landscape paintings have been painted over the course of several months, in which I have used a photograph as an aid in painting.


Pauliina Heiskanen works mainly with painting and photography. She has also made ceramic sculptures (Amos Rex, Generation 2020). In recent years, Heiskanen has moved to focus on the immediate human world at the same time as a strange night-like world, built from elements such as decorations and machines, inhabited by broken people, dolls and other creatures.

Jussi Pirttioja: Harmaa alue, painting
Jussi Pirttioja: Gray Area, 65 x 73 cm, oilpaint on canvas, 2022
Arto Kettunen: Tuomiokirkko, 77×60 cm, öljy kankaalle, 2022
Arto Kettunen: Helsinki Cathedral, 77×60 cm, oilpaint on canvas, 2022
Pauliina Heiskanen, Photography Art
Pauliina Heiskanen, photo from the series Chiba Landscape , 30×40 cm, pigment photograph, 2022