Tuomas Korkalo ja Kari Södö, Vimma & Viima

2.2.2022 - 27.2.2022

A Group exhibition by Tuomas Korkalo and Kari Södö

Kari Södö
Kari Södö is specialised in graphic art, but in the beginning of his career he also made collages in which he combined painting with various methods of printing. Since 2004 Södö has increasingly been using wood as a material for his art. Some of his works have been cut into shapes that remind pieces of jigsaw puzzle: they are reliefs decorated with signs and surface effects. Södö´s sculptures that consist of large forms and smaller parts are partly painted; they are combinations of loose and yet interconnected pieces. The artist finds working with wooden modules a flexible process which inspires experiments. Chance interests him both as a theme of art as well as a method of working.

Tuomas Korkalo
– I am artist, painter and curator, based in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland / Finland.

I paint, draw and create art installations. The abstract and geometric forms that I employ on canvas are evocative of early 20th-century aesthetics as seen in the Bauhaus and Russian avant-garde movement for example. Unlike the Bauhaus aesthetics, I implement watercolour -like technique in my art that adds a complementary lightness to my works. In these works, the geometric and colourful compositions, employed on the canvas by the artist, function by themselves, creating a comforting feeling derived from the pureness of form and symmetry. work also widely in various international and interdisciplinary projects.