F I G U R E _H U M A I N E, virtual event

18.12.2020 - 28.2.2021

Figure Humaine expresses humanity and the essence of being human. The work demonstrates a sensation of the human condition through a unique body, diving through the layers of being.

The single body becomes a collective body as it floats, undulates, and vibrates to intertwine and unify the physical and spiritual spheres.

Premiere 18.12.2020 Gallery Aarni, Espoo, Finland
Choreography, Favela Vera Ortiz
Dance, Elina Valtonen
Costume, Favela Vera Ortiz
Styling, Meri-Tuuli Hirvonen
Music, Figure Humaine by Francis Poulenc
Filmed by Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Thanks to
Kone Foundation
Taike Arts Promotion Centre Finland,
Espoon Kuvataiteilijat ry/Gallery Aarni
Seela Petra

Photo: Figure_Humaine, dancer Elina Valtonen, photo by Ville-Veikko Niemelä