Elina Aho-Brennan

5.2.2020 - 1.3.2020

The Embodied Language of the Body

Paintings on canvas and paper
Galleria Aarni 5.2.-1.3.2020, opening reception on Tuesday 4th of February 5-7 pm

At the core of my artistic practice is my passion of researching the embodied perception of the human body via means of painting and drawing. The embodiment of emotions, the perception of movement and the body language of gestures, and the physicality of painting and drawing intrigue me endlessly. My passion lies also in exploring the interplay of line and color, movement and stillness, experimentation and tradition, and abstraction and figuration. I am interested in portraying the movement and vitality that is innately linked to the corporeal, embodied experience of the human body and mind.

In my brand-new work from 2019 and 2020 I have looked deeply into the intimate, embodied perceptions and the ways of portraying the human (and body) image. I have been interested in how the physical energy can be brought to the surface of the painting, and how can intimacy and touch can become alive in the work of art. In my artistic practice, I draw from a life model, especially working with professional dancers and yogis.

I strive to give the viewer a possibility to connect with their own embodiment. I also want to give the viewer the freedom to experience my works of art from their own perspective. Therefore I invite the viewer to attune to the works via their own embodied experience and different senses and to feel how it might even inspire some movement.

I am a professional visual artist, working in painting, drawing, live painting performance, multidisciplinary collaboration, art pedagogy and training for artists. I have graduated from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art in 2012 (with Merit, in Painting) and I have held numerous solo (20) and group (40) exhibitions both in Finland and UK & USA.

I warmly invite you to my exhibition! I am present there during the opening party and also by appointment.



Image: Elina Aho-Brennan, from the series Secret Museum – Dialogue I, oil on paper, 2019, 32 x 22 cm, photo: Ulla-Maija Hänninen